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The Sonic South

Join us for our first public listening room, The Sonic South, on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 7:30 PM at the Studio at Current in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The event is free and will be hosted by WUNC’s Leoneda Inge. We’ll listen to the finalists from our inaugural Sonic South audio competition, which directed producers from across the country to creatively interact and engage with SOHP’s archive, using voices of women and the theme of persistence. A short conversation and reception will follow the audio stories. 

WUNC’s Race and Southern Culture Reporter, Leoneda Inge.

About the Competition

In 2018 SOHP focused on women’s voices, which have always been central to our collection. Women’s stories help us understand the social and economic changes that people across the South have experienced and initiated. Women’s leadership and activism—their persistence in the face of authority—have been key to the political movements of our time. Of course, not all women have embraced change; persistence can also mean the ongoing power of old traditions and ways of thinking. No matter what our politics or our outlook, all our lives have been indelibly shaped by these stories.

We invited audio producers of all levels to use the SOHP archive to create new and innovative audio stories, documentaries, sound art, or sonic experiments. The finished work had to focus on the theme of persistence—interpreted however the producer wished—and required them to use the voices of southern women from the SOHP’s archive of more than 6,000 interviews. Producers were encouraged to think creatively about format, structure, and style. Final work had to be three to five minutes in length.