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SOHP has helped to produce multiple videos related to research, teaching, and engagement, starring everyone from field scholars to staff to interns. All videos created by SOHP can be viewed on our Vimeo page; the newest can be found below.

2014 Moxie Scholars Documentary

This video was produced as a final project for the 2014 Moxie Scholars and pulls together their classroom learning, oral history research, and internship experiences.

SOHP: From the Beginning

Founding director Jacquelyn Hall speaks about SOHP’s mission from the very start.

SOHP: Taking Ownership

Former SOHP intern Coco Wilder discusses how SOHP helped her take ownership of her own education at UNC.

SOHP: Creating Opportunity

SOHP Alum Jessie Wilkerson talks about scholarly collaboration and how SOHP fosters it.

SOHP: Preserving Voices

SOHP Alum Joey Fink speaks with family members of SOHP interviewees about the impact of oral history work.

40 Years of SOHP

On April 4th, 2014, SOHP celebrated its 40th anniversary with an exhibit and program at UNC’s Wilson Library, commemorated in this video.