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The Southern Oral History Program sees pedagogy as central to its mission. We offer the graduate seminar, HIST/FOLK 670: Introduction to Theory and Method of Oral History, once a year.

Jacquelyn Hall, founder of the Southern Oral History Program, had taught an oral history seminar for forty years.  In that class she developed a pedagogy that brings the richness and the promise of oral history methods to the classroom, encouraging students to work in collaboration with their interviewees and with each other to create historical evidence and contribute to the Southern Oral History Program’s archive. Some of the program’s most celebrated research projects grew out of the class, and along with the depth of the collection, the SOHP’s legacy rests in part on training and developing oral history scholars and teachers.

Dozens of SOHP alumni now teach their own oral history courses, produce scholarship using oral history methods, and direct oral history programs.  The tradition of creative oral history pedagogy lives on at the SOHP and we look forward to training future leaders in the oral history field.