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The Southern Oral History Program has collected over 5,000 interviews with southerners from all walks of life. Almost 400 of those interviews focus on the history of the University of North Carolina. These interviews create source materials that will allow future generations to reckon with the history of the modern university, strengthen ties between UNC-CH and its alumni, and educate the public about UNC-CH’s history and contributions.

This past year, SOHP researchers conducted over twenty interviews documenting topics as diverse as the work of a Board of Trustee member, the arc of a long faculty career, and student memories of participating in campus protest in the 1960s. Under the direction of Joey Fink and Elizabeth McCain, our student interns completed eleven interviews on the Speaker Ban with the university archives providing support for the research and transcription. The SOHP undergraduate group, Students Engaging in Oral History, also conducted several interviews with faculty members and students on the role of the state’s oldest public university.

Browse the growing collection here.