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SOHP interns, field scholars, and staff are all involved in the production of our podcasts, which use clips from oral histories alongside commentary to explore various issues. These podcasts are all available at our Soundcloud page, or you can listen below.

November 2014: “REBELLION”

SOHP undergrad interns created this podcast focusing on the theme of rebellion. Listen to the full interviews with Sharon Rose Powell and Ashley Davis.

Photograph source: “Photograph, BSM members collecting money to pay fines levied against those arrested for turning over tables in Lenoir,” UNC Libraries, accessed November 7, 2014,

April 2014: “STUDENT ACTIVISM” 40th Anniversary Podcast

In honor of the Southern Oral History Program’s 40th anniversary, our interns from the spring 2014 semester created this podcast and corresponding walking tour of UNC’s history of student activism. In this podcast, you will hear clips from different interviews in the SOHP’s archival collection which connect with student activism around different points on campus. These include:

1. Campus Y – interview L-0293 with Mark Chilton by Hudson Vaughan, 19 January 2010
2. Spencer Dormitory – interview L-0041 with Sharon Rose Powell by Pamela Dean, 20 June 1989
3. Chapel of the Cross – interview G-0044 with Pauli Murray by Genna Rae McNeil, 13 February 1976
4. Speaker Ban Plaque – interview N-0013 with John Greenbacker Jr by Charlotte Fryar, 2 March 2013

Special thanks to Aaron Hayworth for narrating this podcast.