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Posted 06/15/2009
The Southern Historical Collection together with UNC Libraries is pleased to present the new SOHP digital collection.

This new CONTENTdm collection will take the place of the old SOHP database. This site will be discontinued in the coming months, so please change your bookmarks/links soon. Here’s the link:

The new site provides users with even greater search capabilities and functionality. Most importantly, the CONTENTdm platform has the ability to deliver digital content on the Web. In addition to the more than 500 interviews already delivered digitally by Oral Histories of the American South, users can now access another 330 digital transcripts as well as approximately 290 digital audio interviews from the new CONTENTdm site. These numbers will only continue to grow!

The new site includes a number of browse pages (Interviewee, Interviewer, Project, Occupation, Subject, and Ethnicity), as well as the old site’s keyword searches (though users can now search across transcript and abstract fields as well!). A powerful advanced search is available from the main Libraries digital collections search page. The advanced search includes the ability to search interviews by multiple Boolean operators (and, or, not) in specified fields, search by date ranges plus keyword in specific fields, and a search of multiple keywords based on their proximity to each other within a field.

Check out the new site
. We hope you enjoy it!