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These Were Real People

The civil rights movement recalled in the voices of those who led it, followed with purpose, struggled, suffered, and endured.


Voices for Civil Rights

Following the Civil Rights History Project, Digital Coordinator Seth Kotch edited and co-produced a series for North Carolina Public Radio. The result was “Voices for Civil Rights,” a five-episode run of radio programs that highlighted portions of oral history interviews with civil rights veterans.

That’s the first of the five. Listen to the rest here. If you’re using the Google Chrome browser, you’re out of luck for the moment. Just click on the link to listen directly from Soundcloud.

The Long Road to Brown, the Long Road Beyond

This documentary tells the story of race and education from the Civil War to the present day.

Neighborhood Voices

North Carolina has the eighth-largest immigrant population in the United States, and immigration has made it among the fastest growing states in the nation. The Southern Oral History Program wanted to use oral history to explore how new immigrants in one community were adjusting to the transition, and how longtime residents were reacting to their new neighbors. Neighborhood Voices, narrated and subtitled in both English and Spanish, chronicles life in Northeast Central Durham before the arrival of Latino immigrants, the experiences of those immigrants, and the challenges the Latino, black, and white communities have faced in trying to find shared space.

The Moxie Project

The undergraduate members of SOHP’s Moxie Project present highlights from the oral histories they collected, along with their perspectives on feminism, women’s rights, and contemporary politics in North Carolina.

Watch more at our Vimeo page.