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Mapping Voices of North Carolina’s Past is an interactive map featuring oral history interviews with people from North Carolina’s past. This map and the accompanying discussion guide below are intended for K-12 teachers to help their students experience history through stories.

Students can explore school desegregation or listen to women talk about their fight for equal rights. By comparing audio clips, students can ask new questions: How did black students experience school desegregation differently from white classmates? What has immigration meant to different people? Why has the rise and fall of textile factories been important to North Carolinians? What impacts have newer industries and infrastructural developments had on the state?

The Women’s Leadership Discussion Guide is intended to foster discussion in grades 8-12 classrooms about women’s leadership and the long fight for equal rights across North Carolina, based on the Southern Oral History Program’s interactive map. After students listen to audio clips from oral history interviews embedded in the map, teachers can utilize the discussion questions provided for whole class discussion, small group discussion, and/or writing assignments.