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Artwork by Rachel Hujsa

In the Centennial of the 19th Amendment teaching resource, SOHP students created a guide utilizing oral histories from the SOHP’s archive and an ongoing project as of 2020—The NC 2020 Coalition. The lesson plans break into themes of voter suppression; intersectionality; activism in voting; and voting in memory. Oral history interview excerpts from archival projects on voting rights provide historical context for the continuing fight for equality and voting rights in the South.

Explore the teaching resource and corresponding oral history interview excerpts.


The NC 2020 Coalition Oral History Project

The NC 2020 Coalition is a collaboration of organizations commemorating the centennial of the 19th Amendment. The coalition focuses on commemorating the anniversary by sharing information on events around North Carolina and on the history of suffrage efforts in the United States. Working together, the group’s purpose is to promote accuracy of the historical record, showcase legal and social advances in gender equality since the amendment’s passing, and describe its relevance in the current fight for equal rights. In collaboration with the NC 2020 Coalition, students of the SOHP conducted oral histories with women and transgender men involved with the coalition. In The NC2020 Coalition Oral History Project, the process of the construction in public historical commemoration meets the process of individual remembering. In working together to figure out how to collectively remember the complex history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, these interviewees each bring their own sometimes conflicting, sometimes overlapping memories of women’s activism, voting, and citizenship. The project will launch gradually throughout fall 2020 leading up to the November 2020 election.