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The Jacquelyn Dowd Hall Summer Research Fellowship

09202014_JaquelynDowdHall_retirement174On September 20th, 2014, over 120 people gathered at UNC to celebrate and honor the legacy of SOHP’s founding director, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, as she retires from the Department of HistoryJacquelyn’s scholarship and mentorship have truly transformed the profession. That kind of gathering comes once in a generation, and the mutual gratitude between Jacquelyn and her students and colleagues was palpable.

To honor Jacquelyn in a permanent way, three of her students, Natalie Fousekis, Jim Leloudis, and Brent D. Glass are spearheading an effort to raise $60,000 to endow the Jacquelyn Dowd Hall Summer Research Fellowship Fund. The Hall Fund will provide an annual summer award to a graduate student to support his or her research in oral history.  SOHP’s acting director, Renée Alexander Craft, and SOHP’s home, the Center for the Study of the American South at UNC, are enthusiastically supporting this fundraising effort.

09202014_JaquelynDowdHall_retirement090Already, Jacquelyn’s friends and former students have raised $33,000 towards our goal. We are grateful to everyone who has provided lead gifts, demonstrating appreciation for Jacquelyn and support of SOHP.

To make a gift or pledge, please click hereYou can also send a check, payable to the Arts and Sciences Foundation.  Please include “104353—Hall Fund” on the memo line. If you have questions, contact Mark Newman, associate director of development at the Arts and Sciences Foundation, at 919-843-3919 or

Thank you for honoring Jacquelyn and her transformative influence on our lives and work by helping us support future innovative scholars.

Symposium and Celebration in Honor of Jacquelyn Dowd Hall: Program

IMG_1280Panel Discussion #1 9:30-11:00AM
“The Mind That Burns in Each Body”: Race, Sex, and Reform
Blain Roberts, Chair and Moderator
Jennifer Donnally
Anna Krome-Lukens
Nora Doyle
Johanna Schoen
Molly Rozum

IMG_1301Panel Discussion #2 11:15AM-12:45PM
Disorderly Women and Labor Militancy
Laura Edwards, Chair and Moderator
Bryant Simon
Joey Fink
Elizabeth Smith
Jessie Wilkerson
Jennifer Ritterhouse

IMG_4653 2Panel Discussion #3 2:15-3:45PM
The Long Civil Rights Movement
Glenda Gilmore, Chair and Moderator
Kathy Nasstrom
Kiernan Taylor
Steve Estes
Angela Hornsby-Gutting
Jennifer Dixon-McKnight

IMG_4686Panel Discussion #4 4:00-5:30PM
“To Widen The Reach of Our Love”: Historians and History Outside the Academy
Natalie Fousekis, Chair and Moderator
Willoughby Anderson
Lu Ann Jones
Anne Mitchell Whisnant
Marla Miller
Kathryn Newfont
Alicia Rouverol