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Posted 03/25/2010


To Right These Wrongs is coming soon! The book is a new history of the North Carolina Fund by SOHP alumni Robert Korstad (Duke University) and James Leloudis (Carolina). The Fund was a forerunner to the War on Poverty. Korstad and Leloudis show that Fund’s initial successes grew out of its reliance on private philanthropy and federal dollars and its commitment to the democratic mobilization of the poor. Both were calculated tactics designed to outflank conservative state lawmakers and entrenched local interests that nourished Jim Crow, perpetuated one-party politics, and protected an economy built on cheap labor. By late 1968, when the Fund closed its doors, a resurgent politics of race had gained the advantage, led by a Republican Party that had reorganized itself around opposition to civil rights and aid to the poor. Check out their website for more, including on how to pre-order.