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Proposals Due Friday, July 3, 2020

The Southern Oral History Program (SOHP) seeks to hire an artist/designer with ties to the South (living here/from here) to create five original posters to accompany an oral history project commemorating the centennial of the 19th Amendment and helping to push voter registration and turnout in November 2020 and beyond.

BIPOC + Women Strongly Encouraged to Submit Proposals

We are encouraging artists/designers to engage with the original posters and propaganda of the early-twentieth-century Women’s Suffrage Movement (see examples below) in which women of color are absent from both the visual record and the foundational stories of the monumental movement for women’s rights.

It is our hope that the artist/designer will turn these original designs on their head, using them as fuel to create new posters that honor all of the women who have sacrificed their lives for voting rights, as well as those who continue to fight gender and racial inequities to make voting and representation accessible to all.


Work on the posters is set to begin July 10, 2020, and the posters will need to be finalized by August 6, 2020. Format for final submissions is negotiable based on artist/designer’s preferred specs. Details, including dimensions and deliverables, will be confirmed before the project begins.

Compensation + Deliverables

The stipend for all five posters and deliverable files is $2,000 upon approval and delivery of the files. The posters will accompany the oral history project, which is not only commemorating the centennial of the 19th Amendment, but hopes to engage voter turnout in fall 2020 and beyond. The posters will be reproduced both digitally and in print. They may be used in SOHP marketing materials and will be made available to the NC2020 Coalition for promotional and advocacy purposes.


Please email links to portfolio/previous samples and a short paragraph (no more than 250 words) describing your proposal to Sara Wood: by Friday, July 3, 2020.

Project Background + Context

The NC 2020 Coalition is a collaboration of women’s organizations commemorating the centennial of the 19th Amendment. The coalition focuses on commemorating the anniversary by sharing information on events around North Carolina and on the history of suffrage efforts in the United States. Working together, the group’s purpose is to promote accuracy of the historical record, showcase legal and social advances in gender equality since the amendment’s passing, and describe its relevance in the current fight for equal rights.

In collaboration with the NC 2020 Coalition, students at the SOHP at the University of North Carolina have conducted oral histories with women involved with the coalition. In The NC2020 Coalition Oral History Project, the process of the construction in public historical commemoration meets the process of individual remembering. In working together to figure out how to collectively remember the complex history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, these women each bring their own sometimes conflicting, sometimes overlapping memories of womxn’s activism, voting, and citizenship.

Artists/designers are encouraged to incorporate content from the oral history project into the final design.

For reference, please see the following materials and audio excerpts from the project for guidance in creating your proposal.


K-12 Teacher Resources: Centennial of the 19th Amendment


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