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Media and the Movement

Media and the Movement: Journalism, Civil Rights, and Black Power in the American South is an oral history project that explores the interaction between journalism and activism in the American South before, during, and after the turbulent civil rights era of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

The project is directed by Joshua Clark Davis, Ph.D. of Duke University and Seth Kotch, Ph.D. of the University of North Carolina’s Southern Oral History Program in the Center for the Study of the American South in collaboration with Charmaine McKissick-Melton, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Mass Communication at North Carolina Central University and Jerry Gershenhorn, Ph.D., Professor of History at North Carolina Central University, and Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Ph.D., Spruill Professor of History at the University of North Carolina. Interviews began in January of 2013. Our fieldworkers include Dr. Gordon Mantler of Duke University and Joey Ann Fink and Rob Shapard of UNC.

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