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SOHP in the News

Browse through various articles, podcasts, and other outside news sources that have featured SOHP interviews and scholars.

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  • As of January 2014, we are publishing a monthly newsletter! For up-to-date information from us, you can read it here, and subscribe here to have it sent directly to your inbox.

Articles and Press Releases

  • SOHP Director Malinda Maynor Lowery co-produces  the PBS show “A Chef’s Life,” which recently won a Peabody! Read more about it here.
  • On April 4, 2014 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary. Read coverage from the Daily Tar Heel here.
  • We traveled to Atlanta, Georgia on April 10, 2014 to give an oral history workshop at the Organization of American Historians Annual Conference.
  • Meet our Spring 2014 interns! Read about their jobs and research interests at the SOHP here.
  • Read about the SOHP’s founding, history, and future in the Carolina Alumni Review article “The Hearing”  from the Jan/Feb 2012 issue.
  • To learn about the Southern Oral History Program’s background, read “Case Study: The Southern Oral History Program” (available through Google Books, pages 409-416), published in The Oxford Handbook of Oral History by Oxford University Press in 2011 and edited by Donald A. Ritchie.
  • The Center for the Study of the American South proudly announces Malinda Maynor Lowery as the new director of the SOHP. Her appointment began on July 1, 2013. Read the full announcement here.
  • The Daily Tar Heel announces Lowery’s appointment as new SOHP director here.
  • SOHP staff and students attended the Oral History Association Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK in October 2013. We captured the conference’s Twitter activity here.
  • Seth Kotch speaks at Southern Voices, Digital Spaces, an event at the University of Alabama’s  Frances S. Summersell Center for the Study of the South.
  • Rachel Seidman traveled to the University of South Carolina Upstate to present a lecture on social media, the feminist movement, and the “worldwide internet phenomenon” Who Needs Feminism, which began in her classroom. Read more here.


  • Seth Kotch shares the story of Jamila Jones for WUNC’s Voices for Civil Rights series. Listen here.
  • Listen to clips of oral histories with Ella Baker and Julian Bond discussing SNCC’s founding and legacy, aired with WUNC host Frank Stasio, Seth Kotch, and Duke professor Bill Chafe.