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The aim of the SOHP Internship Program is to provide experiential education in the intellectual, organizational, and practical work of oral history at one of the nation’s most esteemed centers for oral history scholarship. This internship is designed in a three part structure that includes an organizational placement of “beat” work, a research project in which students learn to conduct interviews and engage with the practice of oral histories (ideally in correlation to the SOHP’s core research activities), and participation in the weekly intern seminar. Evaluation will be based on complete, thorough, responsible, and creative engagement  in all aspects of the internship program. All interns will be asked to help develop our undergraduate programming through their ideas, feedback, and initiatives as well as to support SOHP projects and events as part of our team. Interns work a total of twelve hours per week (five hours of beat work, five hours on the project, and two hours of seminar) at the Love House. They will earn three hours of internship credit through the requirements of their home departments.

Three parts of the SOHP Internship:

The Project: SOHP interns engage in an SOHP oral history project. The SOHP staff and graduate students will offer consistent mentorship, training, and space for reflection and synthesis. Click here to hear some of the previous intern project interviews.

The Beat: Interns assist the SOHP in ongoing projects, outreach, communications, and processing of interviews and management of collection. For example, the Fall 2014 interns produced this podcast, entitled “Rebellion,” on student activism at UNC.

The Seminar: A weekly seminar focused on reflection and synthesis of the internship work, as well as deepening academic understanding of oral history.

For more information on the internship, click here. See the actual application here.  

NEW: Follow our interns on Twitter, where they’ll post about SOHP work from an undergrad perspective! @SOHPinterns

Meet the Fall 2015 SOHP interns!

fall 2015 interns 3This fall, the Southern Oral History Program has four undergraduate interns performing different tasks for the organization, as well as working on a research project on the Black Pioneers, a group of the first African American students attending UNC from 1952-1972. These interns provide an invaluable service to the SOHP, keeping the organization running smoothly and adding to the thousands of important interviews in our collection.

Alex Ford is a senior from Kernersville, North Carolina. She is a Middle Grades Education major with minors in History and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Alex is excited to consider how oral history can be influential in making history a more accessible and captivating subject for students, and also looks forward to learning about what it was like to be part of the first cohort of African American graduates from UNC.

Devin Holman is a Junior at UNC Chapel Hill. She is a History and Political Science double-major with an Education minor. From Durham, North Carolina, Devin is passionate about understanding the historical evolution of schooling, particularly in the American South, and understanding how that past shapes the present day. She hopes to increase her understanding of this topic by speaking directly to those who have experienced and shaped important events that have impacted education in North Carolina.

Monique Laborde is a UNC junior majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and minoring in African American and Diaspora Studies. She is also receiving a certificate in Documentary Studies from Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. Monique is academically and personally committed to understanding the histories and changing futures of the American South. She is currently working to found the Duke-UNC Story Exchange.

Destinie Pittman is a sophomore from Rose Hill, NC. She is majoring in Public Policy with a minor in African American and Diaspora Studies. Her work at the Marian Cheek Jackson Center and passion for social justice have furthered her interest in the art of oral history. Destinie is prepared to gain significant insight of larger social systems through the lives of individuals.

A special thank you to graduate student Taylor Livingston for her work with the undergraduate interns. Thank you to all interns for their important work, and we look forward to working with them this semester!

Goals of the SOHP Internship:

The aim of the SOHP Internship Program is to provide UNC Chapel Hill undergraduates with  experiential education in the intellectual, organizational, and practical work of oral history at one of the nation’s most esteemed centers for oral history scholarship.

Each intern will participate in a weekly seminar on the art and method of oral history, undertake an oral history research project, and support the SOHP through their assigned “beat.”  Our interns are an interdisciplinary cohort of creative thinkers and sound practitioners of oral history. We encourage them to propose their own innovative ways to engage with oral history through performance, outreach, and education.

Our interns play a crucial part in the day-to-day operations of the SOHP through their “beats.” We strive to place interns in beats that allow them to use their talents and experiences, and acquire or hone skills that are transferable to scholarly and professional work in many fields. The beats involve work in: website development, social media management, public relations, publications, creative initiatives, collection management, and community outreach. We try to tailor our beats each semester to the strengths and interests of our interns.   Below are sample descriptions of student beats.

Collections Interns: Mining the Archive

Identify interviews in our collection to share with the public in celebration of historical events, anniversaries, and contemporary issues; showcase unique archival “finds” and spotlight relevant interview series or evocative moments in interviews.

Communications Interns: Representing the SOHP

Use social media tools to promote the SOHP’s projects, collections, and events, and to connect SOHP with individuals and groups through emails, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Write op-eds and articles for local media as needed and as appropriate.