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Digital Exhibits

Multimedia exhibits featuring our collections:

Rural Electrification

These interviews were conducted in rural areas of North Carolina for the 50th anniversary in 1985 of the Rural Electrification Administration. Collected by the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives, this project explores the impact electricity made in the daily lives of rural people. Respondents described ways they completed household and farm chores, heated their homes, read and studied at night, and performed other everyday tasks before and after electricity. Respondents also discussed the origins and development of their local electric cooperatives.

william-fridayService to the State of North Carolina: The Legacy of William C. Friday

In the spring of 2012, the Southern Oral History Program celebrated the remarkable life and achievements of William C. Friday, President Emeritus of UNC, and the conclusion of our oral history project dedicated to documenting that life and legacy. The “Service to the State of North Carolina: The Legacy of William C. Friday” project constitutes a remarkable resource for information and insight into the lasting importance of Mr. Friday, who, although he passed away in the fall of 2012, left behind a remarkable vision for UNC and for the state of North Carolina.

credit-union1-3664350_stdAfrican American Credit Unions

This project worked to recover and preserve the history of early credit unions in North Carolina, in particular those established by and primarily for African-Americans as alternative means of saving and borrowing money during the Jim Crow era, when their fair access to credit was limited.


conserv-womenFeminism and Conservative Women

This project, a sub category of the larger Women’s Movement in the South, focuses on conservative women activists. These interviews cover a range of topics, including anti-abortion protests, evangelical theology, Republican Party organizing, lobbying work, politics, and the roles that women have played in shaping modern conservatism in the American South.